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I'm Leslie.

Hello there, I'm Leslie – a proud mom of three energetic boys and a devoted wife, pouring my heart and soul into the culinary world through Ballroom Catering. For me, catering is more than just providing delicious meals; it's about infusing every aspect with genuine love and creating unforgettable experiences.


My passion extends beyond the kitchen to the community, where I contribute to the vibrancy of sport events. I believe in the power of food to bring people together, turning ordinary moments into cherished memories.

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My journey

My journey into catering was inspired by my own wedding experience, where the ease of planning and collaboration with true professionals left an indelible mark. Even after 23 years of marriage, I still hold dear the value of having a reliable roadmap while enjoying the flexibility to shape my own vision. This philosophy guides my approach at Ballroom Catering today

The Vision

I understand the importance of focusing on personal visions while having a trustworthy guide, and that's the kind of service I aim to provide. Each event is an opportunity to create a tailored experience that reflects the unique dreams and preferences of my clients, just as I experienced on my special day.

In every dish and every event, my touch is unmistakable – the touch of a mom who values family, a wife who understands the significance of love, and a seasoned professional committed to making every moment count.

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Tel: 207-256-0012



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