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Brunch, Lunches
& weekend retreats

Relax and unwind

retreat menus typically feature a diverse range of dishes, ensuring that attendees can savor delicious meals amidst the tranquil setting of a retreat, fostering both relaxation and camaraderie.

*prices do not include service charge and tax

Brunches & Lunches

$22 P/P (plus service & tax)

Assorted Breads

Bagels, Breakfast breads and assorted Muffins served with spreads (Jam, Cream Cheese, Butter)

-Included in Brunch Orders

Breakfast Potatoes

Homemade potatoes cooked to perfection & served with sauces

Brunch Meats

Spiral Ham or Roasted Turkey

Assorted Quiche

A favorite!

Fruit Plate

Served with Yogurt & Granola

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